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All About The Kratom Plant


A few years ago, absolutely no one had ever heard of the plant called Kratom. This was a relatively unknown plant, grown in the exotic locales of Southeast Asia, mostly in the countries of Thailand and Indonesia. Indeed, most of the varieties of the Kratom plant are named after some of the provinces of these countries. If you look at this now, you will be able to see how the situation has changed in the recent years. Horticultural websites like have seen a dramatic increase in the number of queries regarding the cultivation of this plant. It has become highly popular all across the globe, with many people seriously considering the possibility of growing this awesome plant right in their very own gardens!

You would be surprised to know that the Kratom plant is not really just a plant. It is actually a small tree, and belongs to the coffee family! The scientific name for Kratom is Mitragyna Speciosa Korth. It is a tropical plant that favours the humid regions of Southeast Asia. Indeed, that is why most strains of the Kratom plants grow quite easily in the countries of Thailand and Malaysia.

Common Strains of the Kratom plant are:
Maeng Da

The Kratom plant is quite easy to grow, even in countries that are very far away from its origin. The trick is to find it suitably well-drained soil, as well as maintain the correct temperature. Many people have reported success in growing these plants, even within their own homes. They have recommended the use of grow-lights to serve this purpose.

While growing the Kratom plant, it is vital that the planter be vigilant. The Kratom plant is susceptible to several problems, that could affect its growth as well as its quality.