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If you have trouble losing hair – well, join the unfortunate club! Around 2% of male population has this problem which sometimes can be both aesthetically and mentally unpleasant. I myself have this experience, being half-bald since I was 28 and believe me I tried many treatments hoping for the solution. After a number of more or less failed attempts, I finally found a solution in this new thing that I now consider the best hair thinning shampoo here.


I guess you know the story or at least good percentage of you experienced the same thing. It started as usual with hair plainly disappearing from my forehead and then it spread even further over the top of my head. Fortunately it stopped but only after I had lost some 40% of my head fur. Hair thinning became an obsession in my case since I was young and not really ready to give up on what many consider to be a sign of juvenescence. I immediately started searching for the best solutions available in medical practice and went through variety of hair thinning treatments. To be honest, in the beginning I thought that hair loss shampoos and other similar products were but a marketing trick but then for the first time I truly started exploring biological reasons that cause this problem. I might even say that in the meantime I became an expert in this topic and learned as much as there is to know, at least on the Internet and in medical brochures.

The most common manifestation of this problem is believed to be male pattern baldness but there are also other causes like insufficient hair care, fungal infection or some medications for blood pressure regulation and diabetes. The list does not stop there. On the contrary, it is very long and some causes of hair thinning have not been completely explained yet and that’s exactly why most of the hair thinning sprays or shampoos have not shown desired results. However, situation is different in many ways now as science recently found out means to prevent hair thinning by introducing medications such as minoxidil, finasteride and others. These showed great results in reducing hair loss. There is just one catch here – I wanted a remedy that would not only prevent hair thinning but also go one step further and increase hair density! For some years I thought it would be mission impossible in my and many other cases worldwide but it turned out that chemistry is not in a phase of stagnation – scientists did their hocus pocus thing and made another breakthrough.

It is said that warriors in ancient Greece used to shave their heads before battles to stop their opponents from pulling their hairs, which gave them slight advantage. Since that time, many believe that bald guys are fierce strongmen and great fighters. On the other hand, it is also believed that men without hair are more intellectual than usual and became symbols of wise guys. Well, I don’t want to be neither – i just want my old look back with my new hair thinning shampoo.