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Know All About The Anti-Snoring Equipment

antisnoring devices

We all are familiar with the unpleasant sounds of snores, which at times get very irritable causing the sleepless night. Snoring is much more than just noise. It happens when your throat muscles relax, and our tongue muscles recede which as a result obstruct the airway causing vibration and weird noise when we tend to breathe while sleeping. If this condition sustains for long untreated, it slowly starts affecting our mental health, daytime sleepiness and irritability and even medical problems like blood pressure, stroke or heart ailment due to irregular supply of oxygen to various body parts. Thankfully there are effective snoring aids available which can end your suffering and trouble known as anti-snoring equipment. One of the most commonly used devices is mouthpiece known as Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) which open the airway by moving the lower jaw forward. puresleep is a type of MAD device which is most effective.

As per, use of MAD device has universally proved to be the best anti snoring equipment curing snoring and obstructed sleep Apnea problem.

Three major types of anti-snoring mouthpiece therapy are:
1. Mandibular advancement devices (MAD) – This jaw retaining mouthpiece hold the lower jaw and tongue in a forward position, hence opens space for smooth breathing and reducing snores. This mouthguard made from medical grade material fit into the mouth comfortably and molded as per the shape of the teeth and avoids teeth grinding. Boil and bite MAD devices made of silicon or resin are softened by using hot water. When slightly cooled, placed in the mouth and clamped tightly to get the appropriate fit. Semi-custom devices are where the user takes a custom impression of their teeth and jaw, and then these molds are used to design a well-fitted device by sleep dental professional. They also come with certain adjustments settings which enhance its effect, quality and safety parameters.

2. Tongue Retaining Devices (TRD) –As the name implies it holds the tongue in a forward position and create a perfectly safe vacuum by keeping everything in place and avoids the blockage of the airway. These are made of high-quality silicone material which does not cause any allergy or irritation to other parts of the mouth, and is relatively effective but takes slightly longer time to cure the snoring issue.

3. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)- Usually used in extreme cases of sleep disorder ‘sleep Apnea’ is sort of airway pressure ventilators which provide mild air pressure continues to the airway to keep it open always. It has three measure components. The CPAP motor, a compressor which draws in the air from the surroundings and pressurizes it gently to generate the perfect level of pressurized air into the outlet. It comes with an inbuilt filter to keep the impurities away and also small water tanks to maintain humidity the air brought in. The CPAP hose, generally of a length of 6 feet, transport the pressurized air to the mask. CPAP mask, usually come in two designs – nasal mask and full-face mask are slightly uncomfortable and are very effective in resolving the snoring and Apnea problem.

Other devices available in the market are chin straps, nasal devices, anti-snoring pillows and certain sprays and pills which are efficient and can give comfort.