Wednesday, August 11, 2010

George - Milano, TX

Street portraits are always very challenging to me but also some of my most rewarding work. There is something about approaching a complete stranger in an everyday scene and asking them to pose for a portrait. These portraits to me capture the everyday man. The folks you pass on the street everyday and pay no attention to. They all have stories and a portrait of these folks tells a unique story every time. George works and helps run the My Flea Market. A eclectic store composed of several colorfully painted buildings that is just off the highway 79 in Milano, TX. When talking to George he was very proud of the store, the friends he worked with and the work he had done to make this little place more inviting and interesting. It is a place you almost have to stop to look at when driving along the highway. At My Flea Market you can find everything from gorgeous Mexican pottery to a plastic light up Winne the Pooh. It is a place full of interesting things and even more interesting people like George.


  1. You should participate in the 100 Strangers Project! or flickr to check it out.

  2. Thanks Kathy I took a look sounds like a cool concept and idea. I may start to particpate.

  3. Very nice work on this one. I'd like to be able to do this sometime, but I think I'm lacking in the equipment arena. Nice job.


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