Friday, July 30, 2010

Inside the Dome - Austin, TX

The Texas State Capitol is such a great place to visit. You take it for granted sometimes if you live in and around Austin but I would encourage everyone in the area to visit if you have not been in awhile. To me this is one of the last true public places. The capitol takes extra steps to preserve being able to walk openly around the building. Heck if you have a concealed hand gun license you can even walk inside with your gun. The steps of the capitol are used on many occasions for people of all walks to speak their mind openly and freely like it should be. This photo is from the second floor looking out across the open rotunda. Inside the walls are lined with portraits of all the past governors of Texas. the detail and architecture of this capitol building has no rival not even the nations capitol. I have even been told the Texas Capitol dome is actually larger the the dome on the US Capitol.


  1. Well done, Jason. This is one of my favorite places to photograph in Austin.

  2. Thanks for the Comments Alex and Luuua. I agree the capitol is a beautiful place to photograph


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