Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mills Pond - Round Rock, TX

In photography I am always trying new things, sports, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, you name it I have shot it. Call me a generalist. I may not be a master at any one form but I really enjoy doing it all. Of course I have my favorites but being able to do a little of everything I think really helps me grow along this photography journey. The learning for me has not stopped just with the photography. I am always challenging myself with new post processing techniques from HDR,to using textures, to my latest process, digital blending. The below is a digital blend. It is similar to HDR in that it combines multiple exposures. The difference however is that you forgo the tonemapping step which blends your lights and darks evenly across your photo. The digital blend technique is all done in photoshop in which you overlay exposures and then painstakingly combine the exposures where you want them to be lighter and darker. It gives you a little more control if you want some aspects of darks to remain in the photo. I decided to use a digital blend technique on this scene to make sure the viewer could tell the time of day. I hope you can tell that the photo below was shot as the sun was setting to the left of the frame. With an HDR technique I lost all the shadows in the water and the trees at the back of the pond. These shadows were key to giving the photograph a time of day. The other advantage of the digital blend was I was able to still keep the deep deep blues that show in the sky during the late part of the day. By the way Mills Pond has sure been a treat to photograph lately. If you live in the area you should get out there and go to work. Be sure to share with me if you do. Here's a little secret for you as well. The fishing ain't bad either!

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