Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gorman Creek - Colorado Bend State Park, TX

Below is a photo of Gorman Creek in Colorado Bend State PArk. Gorman Creek is the spring fed creek that creates Gorman Falls. From here the creek is quite serene and still. About 100 yards behind me and about 60 yards down a cliff face the tranquil still water turns into Gorman Falls. To get good photographs sometimes you are just going to have to get a little uncomfortable. Most average snap shotters would be happy standing on the bank to capture this great scene but I knew I needed to get in close and personal with the lilies so in I went. With the rain I knew there was a good chance of getting wet so I was prepared and wore my waders and man did they come in handy. Several of my shots were in standing water. It was the only way to get the angle and composition I wanted. I loved the leading lines of this shot and the alternating very contrasty lines of the brown and green.

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  1. Stunning HDR composition. I like the sharp details and color saturation levels. WOW...Thomas


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