Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Underground Speakeasy - Longhorn Cavern State Park, TX

I think one thing that can really add to a photograph is a great story behind the photograph. This photo is from Longhorn Cavern in Texas. The room in this photo is a part of the cave that was once used as a speakeasy during prohibition. There was everything you needed to escape, beer liquor, a piano, madams, and even a small church around the corner for those who awoke on the cave floor on Sunday. Sitting in this room I could almost here the music playing, the glasses clinking and the rowdy patrons laughing and cursing through the night. I am sure I was amongst many ghost as I sat here taking this photo. Legend has it that in this same cave the outlaw Sam Bass has hidden his treasure. So far it has not been found.

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  1. Great Photo with an interesting story


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